Solar Integrators & EPC

Novergy offers a range of Solar products for EPC contractors and Solar integrators. In fact our solutions have well proven themselves and been trusted by many leading names over the last several years across various countries.  Our Very High efficiency PV modules, Solar inverters, Solar pumps, Solar Lights and other products offer several advantages.  Further with our solar kits you have the ease of getting a pre-designed and ready to install at site solar system with full assurance and reliability of Novergy.   We are proud of the fact that our products have already proven themselves over many many years in very harsh and diverse conditions Most important point is that our solutions have proven their performance and reliability over many many years and withstood the test of time !

Range of Products and Solutions

Solar PV modules

Our solar photovoltaic crystalline modules promises one of the highest efficiency quotients in the industry and lives upto it. As a global provider since more than 10 years of durable solar power panels, Novergy has been solving power needs across industries for more than a decade. Our modules deliver more kWh energy than most other competitors.

Solar inverters (All types)

Inverter is a critical technology for any solar power plant. It is the heart and brain of the system and not a mere current converter. We are an expert’s choice with Efficiency upto 99% efficiency.
We have a range of On-Grid /Grid-Tie/String/Off-Grid/Hybrid/Multi-Modal inverters in various power ratings.

Solar kits

Novergy Solar Kit is a professionals’ choice to build robust and reliable
We offer pre-designed and pre-engineered packages that are ready to install.
Range of solar kits available :
On-grid / grid-tie / battery less solar kits
Battery based / off-grid / hybrid kits (with IPCT series)
Battery based / off-grid / hybrid kits (with IPCL series)
Multimode kits (with IPCV series)

Solar pumping systems

Novergy’s solar pumps maximise water output with hassle free technology. They enable clients to get water in remote or unelectrified places. Our solar pumps offer the highest efficiency and longevity.  We install both monobloc surface as well as submersible pumps. The pumps are available in AC and DC versions in various power rating starting from 1HP upto 60HP & higher models also.

Solar controllers

Our solar chargers are based on latest MPPT / PWM technology resulting in getting more power from your solar panels. Never worry about overcharging from solar panels with the use of a Novergy Solar Charge Controller's as they have the necessary protection features in-built.
Advanced versions are available for critical applications like telecom / Oil & Gas, etc.



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