Healthcare, Education & hospitaulity

Novergy offers a range of Solar solutions for Healthcare, education and hospitality sector such as Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hotels and Resorts. Due to our superior technology and higher efficiency our solutions have been trusted by many leading organizations over the last several years across various countries.  We help our clients achieve various benefits like Electricity savings, Operating cost reductions, Diesel savings, sustainability and green initiatives, Statutory compliance, RPO, etc.   Apart from a range of standard solutions we also offer customized solutions to meet client or site specific requirements.   Our products and solutions comply with various International and National regulations or standards.  Most important point is that our solutions have proven their performance and reliability over many many years and withstood the test of time !

Range of Products and Solutions

Solar power system / power plants / rooftop systems

Novergy has been offering since many years various type of solar systems such as  on-grid, grid-interactive, batteryless, off-grid  & Hybrid solar power systems.
All our products what we use in our systems are having amongst the best features / efficiencies in the industry and are having a very rugged design to exceed the required life of system. We offer the added advantage of being an integrated player (Manufacturing + EPC provider) ensuring that customers get the best solar energy results and hassle free after sales services.) The most important belief we have is to be a partner to our clients and associates and be a solution provider rather than being simply a vendor.

Genset – solar combi systems

Our Genset solar combi systems help solve the erratic electricity problem or for sites which have no grid electic supply.  This system dramatically reduces the usage and fuel consumption of the gensets.   Solutions are offered based on client and site requirements. The financial payback (return on investment) is usually quite fast, thus making it an ideal choice for sites depending on Generators.  These solutions can be designed to achieve various benefits or client / site specific goals also.  We also offer micro-grid solutions based on a combination of dual or multiple power sources.

Solar Lighting solutions

Novergy offers solar powered Lighting solutions based on the most reliable and long lasting LED technology thus ensuring very long life without any maintenance.  We have supplied our lighting solutions in many critical applications apart from general purpose usage.
Available in different wattages with choice of centralized or independent pole type versions.

Remote power / backup power systems

Novergy solar off-grid system brings electricity where you didn’t think it is possible to have reliable power source.
In remote or far flung areas  (Eg. Mines, remote areas, Forests, unelectrified locations, deserts, villages, etc) , where there is no grid available or it is very costly to bring the grid, Novergy solar off-grid system is the answer. Off-grid solar electric systems provide an affordable, clean and uninterrupted source of energy that allow for critical power to be supplied anywhere in the world.
These off-grid systems can be used for a wide range of applications.

Custom designed solar solutions

We design stunning energy efficient solar system without compromising customer idea or exact requirement. We will design your solar system combining your ideas and our experience to create a solar system that suits your site and is uniquely yours.  Further various kinds of hybrid systems such as Microgrid / Solar + Genset / Solar + Wind / etc systems can be designed to meet client requirements. At Novergy we are committed to delivering the highest level of system reliability.



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