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Novergy has always believed in bringing the latest and most efficient Solar Technologies, products and solutions to meet the requirements of Architects, consultants, designers to help them adopt solar in their projects. We offer a variety of BIPV Solar solutions or Very High Efficiency technology which can be installed nicely into buildings / facades / rooftops / etc helping achieve a very nice integration of solar with architecture.  We also help clients adopt solar to achieve GREEN Building certification / LEED certification / GRIHA / etc.  In fact our solutions have well proven themselves and been trusted by many leading names over the last several years across various countries.   Apart from a range of standard solutions we also offer customized solutions to meet client or site specific requirements.  Our wide range of solar solutions definitely make us a designers delight !

Range of Products and Solutions

BIPV / Facade / architectural modules (Crystalline BIPV and See through)

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are photovoltaic materials that are used to replace conventional building materials in parts of the building envelope such as the Facades, Roofs, Windows, Canopies, Car parking, Shasings, and other areas.
With Novergy BIPV modules any one can convert their non-productive areas into a Solar Power Generating area.

Solar Lighting solutions

Novergy offers solar powered Lighting solutions based on the most reliable and long lasting LED technology thus ensuring very long life without any maintenance.  We have supplied our lighting solutions in many critical applications apart from general purpose usage.
Available in different wattages with choice of centralized or independent pole type versions.

Solar Parking Solution

Novergy offers solar parking solutions based on our very high efficiency solar modules. It is a nice way to utilize space for dual purpose of parking cover and solar energy generation. Our car parking solutions offer a more efficient use of space as compare to others as we can install more modules in least space. If you are concerned about efficient use of space, you should consider our solar parking solution.

Solar PV modules

Our solar photovoltaic crystalline modules promises one of the highest efficiency quotients in the industry and lives upto it. As a global provider since more than 10 years of durable solar power panels, Novergy has been solving power needs across industries for more than a decade. Our modules deliver more kWh energy than most other competitors.



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